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    Just having right problems connecting my computer to my tv for video usage and been reading into HD media players.
    Looked at Xenta HDMI Upscaling Mini Media Player Divx Upscaling HDMI USB/SD from ebuyer for £20 and Sumvision Cyclone Micro Upscaling Multi Media HDMI Adapter from for £18. Really worried about the comment about the remote not having a replaceable battery and it just expiring.
    So my main issue is do either have replaceable batteries?

    any other advice for around this price appreciated.



    acryan playon. cheap to by does everything you throw at it.


    acryan playon. cheap to by does everything you throw at it.

    He asked for around the £20 price region.
    Looks like cheapest AC Ryan Play On, is a mini for £68…=10

    OP: wish i had some solid advice for you on which media player to go for, but i don't.

    However there's a couple of other options you might not have considered.
    If you've got a games console a lot of the time you can play films from its hard drive, or plug in an external HDD and play them from there. Sometimes the supported formats can be limited though.

    Also, if it's a software problem rather than a cabling problem causing problems on hooking up to your tv, then you might want to consider installing XBMC on a pc/laptop and hook that up to the TV.

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    I do have a PS3 but due to an update they've stopped compatibility with pretty much all video due to there deal with lovefilm so that's why i'm looking into a media player after failing with my computer itself

    Pay that little bit more so u can play mkv files. I've got wd media player and the meidion from aldi. I payed £80 ayear and a half ago for the wd and £60 about 6 months ago for the aldi meidion player both good players.

    Personally I would buy a cheap player now to tide me over, the current higher end ones don't really do that much more than they did a couple of years ago, but 2011 looks like a year of explosive innovation so the time to splash out isn't right now.
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