HD (Mini) Camcorder

    Looking for the above...preferably in the £100 price range...dunno much about them these days as so much has changed in last few years.

    Basically going to be using it for comedy sketches for a website and editing in Ulead etc. So has to be semi-decent.

    Thanks in advance if anyone knows any going cheap(ish!).



    The one from lidl might be worth a look:…htm

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    That actually looks not bad...always worried about new brands right enough. Anyone heard of this one? Any comments appreciated as always.


    Silvercrest is a brand owned by Lidl. It will almost certainly be made by an OEM in the far east, but then so are 90% of the products on the high street. Usually an OEM will manufacture the same core product for a number of companies, maybe a few superficial differences, and apply the appropriate branding as required.

    In general Lidl products are good value and come with a 3yr warranty, to me that says that they have a fair degree of confidence in the products they sell.
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