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Found 25th Jan 2011
Hi everyone
We have recently converted our loft into a room and i treated myself to an xbox 360.
I am looking for a ceiling mounted projector with an HDMI input for around £350ish.
Could anyone point me in the right direction?
Found this on ebay but I haven't heard of this make before

Thanks in advance
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if u get a projector you will need a hdmi surround sound system to use hdmi as most projectors dont have sound output. If you link up your xbox like i have you will soon realise the only way to get sound is component output with optical to a sound system, or a hdmi to a sound system then hdmi from that to your projector.

What was the projector, your link wont work.

this is a great projector, plus its 3d ready!!!! so you can use the optoma 3dxl with your ps3 to watch 3d films


the projector on your link looks dodgy, no 1080p projectors cost that price. cheapest is optoma HD20
Thanks for your help
After doing a little more research it looks like I will also need an Optoma 3d-XL unit to activate the 3d feature in this projector.
It's very tempting
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