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    My mum has just bought a 36" Samsung HD flat screen tv, very nice it is too but iv noticed you can buy HD dvd's,
    can you play htem on a normal dvd player and get HD quality on the tv or do you need special wires or a special dvd player to experience the crystal clear images.

    Does anyone know where i can get a free cd for her to try on her tv to show how good HD is on it?
    She bought it for £879 on QVC with 3 easy installments but she doesnt know whether she is happy with it or notbut a c showing her what it can do will sway her judgement :thumbsup:


    You'll need to buy an "upscaling" DVD player, unless the TV itself does the upscaling for you. They're not expensive. Even Aldi have one in right now.

    You'll need to connect it via HDMI or Component (Red, Blue, Green).

    You can also download HD content from Microsoft ]here, and use a laptop to view it on the TV, either with a SVGA connection, or DVI.

    Hope this helps?

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    actually, upscaling dvd players take a normal DVD and upscale the quality to better than DVD, but not as good as High Definition DVD

    if you want to play high definition dvd's, you'll need either a HD-DVD player, or a Blu-Ray player. Like DVD+RW and DVD-RW (and DVD-RAM), these are competing formats supported by different major companies

    At the moment, if you buy a blu-ray player, you can't play the rival format HD-DVD, and vice versa. I've heard that there will be dual players sometime, but nothing on the market yet

    Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray can play normal dvd's as well

    Google them both and you'll find out the differences. I'd advise doing what CJ says and hooking up your desktop/laptop to it and setting the highest resolution your tv can support. Your graphics card will need a DVI out (not normal VGA out) else you'll see normal quality no matter what you try and play.

    Failing that, an xbox360 can output in HD using the right cables (component). So either ask a friend or go get one

    Hope that helps, if you feel it has, please feel free to buy me an xbox360

    [SIZE=2]Hi, [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I think you may have got the model wrong, because as far as I am aware Samsung do not do a 36" HDTV. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2](Not that that has any bearing on your question!).[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]The easiest way to show her some HD video would be to connect a laptop or normal PC via the standard monitor connection.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2](I have a Samsung 26" HDTV which has HDMI, but this does not support PC input). If your graphics card will allow you should set the resolution to 1360x768.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Go to ]http//st…com and search for High Def videos, there are plenty of clips to download.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]You can also download some from the Microsoft web site, (all of these are quite legitimate).[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I have run some Hi-Def Divx video on my Samsung by hooking up my laptop and even though Divx is highly compressed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]the quality is fantastic, especially if you can find any wildlife clips. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]As for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, one of the first HD-DVD players on the market in the UK is the Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD Player, which is selling for around £450. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Whilst The Samsung BD-P1000 is the first Blu-ray player on the market at around £1000. I would expect prices to fall rapidly during the first half of 2007.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Hope this is of help to you [/SIZE]

    You might have to download a program called Powerstrip to hack the graphics card in order to display at the native 1360x768 resolution... Unless you know a bit about PCs though it might be better to steer clear as it's a bit mind boggling.

    Original Poster

    ok another thing, we set up her pgillips dvd recorder and the lcd tv and she recorded X factor,
    When we played it back the picture was all distorted ??

    Is the tv at a wrong setting or is the dvd player needing something?

    It might mean the blank discs are incompatible with the drive and its struggled to write.

    Or it could be your DVD recorder needs settings changed.
    [SIZE=2]Is the TV set up to default settings? As most come with the colour saturation on highest also the brightness and contrast might need to be user defined.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]What exactly is she unhappy with about the telly itself?[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    well when your sitting in the seat facing the tv its fine but if soemone was sitting in the side seats the picture was all blurry.

    it looks like its the resolution settings, we dont know how to get them sorted?

    [SIZE=2]Do you know the model number? There might not be too much you can do if it's stated viewing angles aren't that great.[/SIZE]

    Not to be patronising, but have you setup the DVD recorder for 16:9 as I imagine the default setting is only 4:3.

    Original Poster

    the tv is at 16:9
    and the dvd recorder is at 16:9

    should i change the dvd recorder to 4:3?

    No it should be on 16:9 the same as TV [widescreen].

    Original Poster

    there both on the same 16:9

    Have you tried adjusting colour, brightness, contrast and sharpness in different combinations? Sometimes that's all it needs to get it looking okay for most angles.

    Which model is the TV?

    Original Poster

    ill find out which model it is,

    your taking me up wrong ray, i wasnt meaning both the same thing at #9

    The picture gets kind of blurry when you sit at an angle like more to the left or right of the screen yet you didnt get that with pure flat normal tv's

    and the other answer i gave was to do with the recording, its not right mate
    all the scarts are in the right place and the screen looks ok its only when you come to record a program and play it back it seems kind of distorted, a bit like when your digi box loses signal for a bit.

    I have no idea what it could be ???

    I suppose there's always the possibility the laser is duff and you're doing nothing wrong

    #9 sounds like a viewing angle problem to me :thinking:

    Original Poster

    Code of the tele is Samsung Le 37s7

    My mum bought it for £879 but with 3 easy instal payments, we thought that it was a really good offer

    OKay I'll do a search for it and a spec sheet

    Original Poster

    thanks ray much appreciated

    give me your views and thoughts on it aswell matey

    what QVC are doing is if you dont like the tv you can return it no problem but if you return it within a month they will collect it to save you sending it.

    I couldn't find that model on Samsung UK or US sites. Are you sure that's the correct one?

    Original Poster

    its this one Ray, im trying to phone QVC to get the actual code for it


    It has a 178 degree viewing angle so should be okay for that :thinking:

    If you're not happy with it, send it back and you'll probably find a better deal online anyway.

    Original Poster

    Yeh i read that degree bit, i think she should send it back now

    [SIZE=2]I think that's best too, shame I can't find that model info though, as I'm interested on it's other spec :santa:[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    ill phone her again,did you see the link? dont think there are alot of somonas

    Yeah looked at it, it doesn't look bad at all.

    Item Number 556124Samsung Sonoma 37" HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV with DTT … Item Number 556124Samsung Sonoma 37" HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV with DTT Tuner & Pedestal StandQVC Price £1032.00UK Postage & Packaging £30.00Bask in the stunning picture quality and rich sound of this 37" HD widescreen TV. This dynamic TV features built-in Freeview for you to access your favourite channels (check coverage in your area - ], and a HDMI connection that will digitally transmit clear sounds and images to your home. It offers great viewing in any living space with a 178 degree viewing angle and pedestal stand, 3000:1 contrast ratio and super-fast 8 millisecond response time. Measures 103cm x 70cm x 33cm. Direct despatch: allow 10-14 working days; UK mainland only.

    Except for the price. You could get a god 40" LCD for that...

    Original Poster

    she got it for £879. with (what she wanted) 3 easy payments

    Ah yeah :santa:

    I think this is the one on Samsung website: ]http//ww…asp

    Original Poster

    thats it Ray, she is still trying to figure out how to get the dvd recorder to work lol

    she has the samsung engineers calling her tomorrow, there is also a problem with AV2 always flicking on and off the picture

    LE37 model is different to R74 link here:-


    Spec says viewing angle is 170 not 178

    It doesn't sound too good either way. If davidclack's spec shown above [Thanks for that :)] is correct, the viewing angle could be some of the problem.

    Wouldn't QVC take it back saxo_appeal?

    Original Poster

    yeh they will take it back, they give you about a month or 2 to decide whether you want it picked up, if you leave it longer then you have to post it yourself.
    i think she might just end up sending it back.

    Original Poster

    ok ive now took a picture, see the distortion ???

    what do you think guys? this was a recording of deal or no deal on the dvd recorder, this is the samsung lcd picture

    Do you need they leads (yellow,red,white at the back of the recorder or can you just use a normal scart connection?

    SCART connection should be fine...

    Do you have something like the "Smart" feature on Sony's, where it makes everything fit to the screen size? Sometimes that can "stretch" bits of the picture and cause distortion.

    That happens when a subject moves to the edge [as Noel Edmonds is in the above].
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