HD Ready TV, for use with Xbox360, Budget £350 ish, after a well known make!

    After taking the plunge on an xbox360 package (saw on here, thanks!) I have decided that the 14" toshiba portable isn't up to scratch!!

    So I am after a new tele, HD is a must and has to be proper HD not just DVI
    I was about to buy a 19" samsung from costco, it was a widescreen and was white and red for £270 with a 3 year warrenty, but it isn't HD, just DVI.

    I would prefer a widescreen and freeview would be nice but I do have a box.
    Screen size between 19" and 26" please and I would like a decent brand like philips, samsung toshiba etc.




    DVI can be HD Ready too if its HDCP compatible (plenty of hdmi to dvi or dvi to hdmi converters will work fine from HDCP sources)

    ]http//ww…htm - Acoustic Solutions 26" LCD HDTV £299.99
    ]http//ww…htm - Acoustic Solutions 32" LCD HDTV £379.99

    ]http//ww…24/ - Digihome LCD26701- 26" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV £319.00

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    Never heard of those brands though.
    I'm after one like sony, toshiba, philips, panasonic, samsung, LG.

    Why only 19" ? - you wont get the full xbox HD gaming experience !!

    I'd save up & get at the very least a 32" one mate

    17inch 16:9 = 154.38 sq inches
    19inch 16:9 = 154.38 sq inches 25.7% larger than 17"
    20inch 16:9 = 170.52 sq inches 11.3% larger than 19"
    26inch 16:9 = 288.29 sq inches 69.1% larger than 20"
    32inch 16:9 = 438.03 sq inches 51.9% larger than 26"
    37inch 16:9 = 582.82 sq inches 33.1% larger than 32"
    42inch 16:9 = 753.96 sq inches 29.4% larger than 37"
    50inch 16:9 = 1068.2 sq inches 41.7% larger than 42"

    Just a rough idea of what you are sacrificing by even thinking of 19" which is basically half the screen of 26inches nearly a third of 32inches for the sake of brand, not worth it IMHO, ChrisUK is right.

    26" HDTV of 1 of your listed brands will be at least £400+

    Get a 50" HD Sagem DLP tele mate - I bought mine exclusively for the 360 & havent looked back. Think it cost me £1020 (inc stand) - £940 inc VAT for TV only

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    I've just turned 16 (got 360 for my birthday) and my bedroom is tiny!
    I will be getting the tele for christmas and putting some money towards it.
    Im thinking of getting one that Costco reduce because I will then get a 3 year warrenty. Or I could get JL or fenwicks to pricematch an offer!

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    I've done a few more sums and I think I can stretch to £400 with the limit being £420.
    Should find a 26" for that much.
    Also, in shops the picture looks great on HD but when they are displaying SD it looks pretty poor compared to most CRT teles.
    Will this be better at home pr just a down side to LCD teles?

    There is the Samsung 32" Slimfit HD CRT tv available. Its 1920x1080 res. Not sure about what inputs it has though. Seems to be available for just over £400. Gives a 1080i picture for a low price.

    Found on Amazon for just over £400.


    Thread about TV on AVforums, mixed reviews, but some people happy playing XBOX through component cables.


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    Not to keen but a good price!
    I was thinking about that JVC 26" but its back up to £500 now!
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