HD Satellite box

    We're moving house next week and unfortunately won't be in a cabled area so my magic Virgin box won't work.

    I'm hunting for a HD sat box as well as accessories (dish, LNB, motor if needed) and would ultimately like to be able to get foreign channels too.

    Something that looks good and will easy for the misses to use as well. Dont' really mind if it's a cheap chinese copy as long as it functions the same.

    Would appreciate anyone's advice and input.

    Thanks in advance.


    hey gimp i would recommend the GDS 7000 HD box , i just got mine to replace the technomate 1500 and its really good..i payed £90 delivered for the box but u will need the dish and motor so here is a link to the full system…=26

    I personally have a Dreambox DM800HD. Which is a great tiny box, that'll do everything you'd need, but don't recommend it unless you get a genuine Dreambox from a official stockist. They're not the easiest to install, but once it's complete, even your OH will be able to use it. Definately get it installed by someone that has a knowledge of the Dreambox. They are quite common, so most satellite shops will have an engineer who's installed them before.

    You can do a thing called cardsharing with these boxes, which in effect is one person has a card and others can read from it over the internet. I'm not condoning this practice, just informing you that it is possible. :thumbsup: It is the cheapest way of getting HD channels from all over the world if you have a motorised dish (well recommended).

    If you need any more information give me a PM. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thanks guys for the advice.. given me a lot to read about.. the dreambox looks very good and I think i'll look closer at this card sharing thing

    The Chinese made GDS 7000 HD box looks to be the best value but does that kit include everything you need? It's early and the brain still hurts but i'll keep looking Thanks again
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