HD start up problem!! Help please.

    Hi all
    As you know recently I have been going download mad with my new astraweb account. Puter and hard drive are on sometimes 20 hours a day...
    Turned external Toshiba HD off this morning. When I turned it back on again today,it was making a "whirling sound" like it wasn't catching,like a car turning over but not igniting...
    It is the first time it has done this. I turned it off and on,same thing. Did it again and just left it,after about 2 minutes it "caught" and booted up. Is it over? I don't want to turn it off incase it doesn't catch or come on again. Is it ok to leave external HD's on 24hrs a day? Is there anything I can do to sort it. Thanks


    It sounds like its the cooling fan inside the hard drive casing. Maybe due to burnout or melted due to it being on too long. I'd get it checked just in case its not melted which could cause the drive to overheat and lose everything on it, or worse, cause a fire!

    Original Poster

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for the advice. I thought I could smell burning! lol. :w00t: Maybe best not to keep it on all day then :oops: TY
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