HD Sunglasses! Seriously!!

Found 9th May 2011
I thought this was a joke at first, but Asda are selling JML 'HD' sunglasses.

HD!! What the heck are they suppoed to do - upscale the world around you to full 1080p ?!?

What next, 3D glasses so you can see the real world in 3 glorious dimensions - just imagine how realistic all those fingers pointing at you would look.

If you want any more details about the HD specs, go to the JML site and search for 'HD' where you will see that you even get a free 'Car Viso Clip' - I wonder if they are giving away HDMI cables with 'em as well!
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Shame that website doesn't show the price in crystal clear HD.
surely you mean downgrade/scale the world around you to full 1080p...
Dey look tyte yo.

Same the world is only displayed at 720p so these are useless
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Stunning! Now I'm on the look-out for some kind of microphone that takes the sounds from all around me and feeds them directly to some quality headphones so that I can hear the real world in stereo.
I have HD glasses.
Without them the world is a blur (SD)
thought all glasses were 3D...

Look … Look good.http://www.jmldirect.com/cid/QUO060GWMAF5ZIMYABVU88MUBG62MH2B/HD-Vision-WrapArounds-PH4111/

I already have a pair of hd glasses, they're just my regular ones, without them I can't make out a picture but at least I have panoramic vision for free.

thought all glasses were 3D...

I hope not as that's a lot of the population that don't see in 4D like the rest of us non-glasses wearers.
i got 5d glasses.....they taste through my eyes

i got 5d glasses.....they taste through my eyes

You'll be able to see your new tarmaced drive in beautiful vision after the school run.
The Advert is is a laugh, would be Really surprised if any muggens takes it seriously haha

Oh Wait theres already mugs on here that would...........

Not JML advert but this is unbelievable

Try not to laugh to much...Full HD Vision
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