hd tele help please

    Hiya i would like to know can you get any hd televisions that can be used as a pc monitor aswell as a tele. If so could you post any gd deals etc etc


    There is a 19" LCD TV / monitor for £180 @ Currys

    [COLOR=darkred]Exclusive UMC 19" widescreen TV - doubles up as a monitor : 180 delivered !![/COLOR]

    Where : ]Currys

    Use code BPPOD10 to get this price. Use code PRFREEDEL to get Free delivery. Another 3% cashback via Quidco.

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    is the lcd tv above from currys a hd tele?

    No. Theres oneI saw earlier but cant remember where. You don't give specs, i..e how big you would like it. My 32" HD TV doubles up as a monitor, but wouldn't want it on my desk!

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    hmmm its because i dont really know about the size i want, my partner just wondered if most of the teles can be used as pc monitors and from the sound of it they can

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    around 20-30" hes now telling me

    As long as the HD TV has a HDMI input (which it should have) and your computer has DVI, it will work, with the correct cable of course. Most you should be able to have split views too, or TV in the corner of the panel while you use your computer and so on.
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