Hd Tele Wanted -- need help on specs

    So i want an hd tele

    I got a fat widescreen tele which ive had for a year and is gr8 but i try to keep up to date and feel i need an hd tele to go with my ps3 when i buy it in like august

    Max £500 to spend

    So ive made a min spec list :
    3000:1 Contrast Ratio
    1366 x 768
    720p or 1080i or 1080p
    Hdmi port
    Scart x2

    26inch + please



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    Is this any good?…nre

    if you are buying the ps3 in august why not wait until then?
    by summer the price will go down
    with 1366 x 768 you will never get 1080p which is what ps3 is offering
    but then again the smallest tv which have 1080p is 40", cheapest is around £850+
    you can go for Dell 24" monitor which have 1080p function
    but you cant use it as a tv unless you have a separate freeview box
    dell also have 27" version with 1080p but it just came out so the price still around £800
    the 24" is about £420 on ebay or recently there was a deal for £440 on hot deals section
    if im not mistaken,this price includes 3 years next day replacement guarantee

    ohh by the way the one you chose is great but can only have max 1080i
    theres a new model came out recently at slightly higher price
    but that one have 3 hdmi just in case you'll add more stuff later on

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    kool im still clueless to hd -- ill get a ps3 first then an hd tele i think

    As hd isnt a neccesity but the ps3 is and i can play a ps3 on my normal tv

    Can't go wrong with a 42" plasma. The Panasonic screens are getting cheaper all the time and have a good rep. Won't get a decent 1080P set in your price range yet. However hard to notice the difference between 720P and 1080P anyway on smaller screens, more a marketing gimic.


    Panasonic TH-42PX70B Ped
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