Hd Tv 26"+

    Hi guys, bit of a different request here.

    I don't mind paying normal whack for a decent HD TV but i would like to purchase it on finance so i was just wondering if anyone knew any companies with a low interest rate or Buy Now Pay Later Scheme going on atm

    A bit strange but any help would be appreicated anyway



    Well i dunno bout credit deals but the best 26inch hd screen to get is the samsung LE26R72BX…nre


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    Well i've decided to up my screen size to 32" minimum as i saw Currys do a "Simply 10" Credit Plan with a quite small interest fee.

    Just gotta shop round and see if any other companies do a similar deal.

    hold on !!! wait a min

    give me a few secs to write something down lol

    Ok go to this thread and if you scroll down you will see my tv which i have just purchased last week, its a Samsung 32":


    Its from a company called 24/7 electrical and it cost me £546.90

    here is the page for the tv:


    here is the page to explain the finance, we picked Option 2 (buy noy pay Dec):


    And lastly here is the link for you to read up on it for the review (4 pages):


    What i must say is, its a cracking tv altho the speakers could be better (as said in the review), the picture is top notch tho and if your playing games on it on the 360 its great.

    If your planning on hooking it up to a stereo surround sound speakers then the speakers wont be an issue....apart from that mate the Tv is really good and im playing and watching the tv more than ever now.....Mrs saxo isnt happy but tuff ! haha

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    Wow thanks for that. Looks a nice deal there. Funnily enough i primarlily getting it for my new xbox 360 (and wii/ps2) and your setup looks quite nice.

    Money isnt really the issue. Just stumping it all upfront.

    Just a quick question, does the freeview work for you very well ? I don't know if i would need an aerial to improve picture quality as i only have terrestrial in my room atm and the signal is poor now

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    Also i was lookin at possibly spending that bit extra and going for a 42" Tv. Im not that clued up on the the LCD vs Plasma as i only have a bog standard cube of a tele. Any light shed would be luverly

    I dont use the freeview and havent set it up yet mate lol i just use my Sky going through the tv.

    If you dont have digital then id advise you or your family to get the aerial as in a few years the government is going to switch off the normal 1 to 4 channels and just use digi tele, is that what you mean by terrestrial tv? just the normal signal tv?

    Dont go for the Plasma, thats just my general opinion on the matter
    some people will disagree so its really up to yourself, do a search on the net to find the main differences of either the 2.
    Or ask on here for advice or maybe there is already a thread about it lol

    I was always told from my old dears that LCD was the better of the 2, something to do with the gases in the plasma but i might be wrong.

    I had that cube tele as well mate for long enough, dont knock it lol you might need it working again one day :thumbsup: :giggle:

    Another thing i was told was the bigger the picture display and the less the better picture,....that is unless you get HD sky which will give you the best.

    here is a link for advice on the differnces that i found :


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    Yeah we have Telewest (Sorry Virgin now...) downstairs, but it would have just been an added bonus if the freeview worked, but its not all that important tbh.

    I've read a few reviews and there doesn't seem to be that much difference in customer satisfaction between plasma and LCD, tbh theres a slight push for the Plasma, as apparently you don't have to re-charge the gas - which was an assumtion i had wrongly made.

    Theres other stuff like 780p 1080 etc i just dont get - i'm hoping that won't make much difference when i want to play my xbox or just watch a dvd. My cube is sufficient tbh but i would like a bigger screen.

    I'll read that link you gave me mate, thanks for all the help

    the bigger the 780p 1080p is what im thinking is the picture quality.....but dont quote me on that lol

    ok off to bed, hope that helped you a litte bit and let me know how you get on mate

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    I think i will go for a Tv on 247 Electrical... Has Any1 out there got any voucher codes for this site ?

    as i understand it,from reading stuff on interweb,plasma is best if your going for a very large screen(40"+) lcd is better for a smaller screen,so for a 32" lcd is probably the best route to go.( though plasmas have improved enormously from the earlier days it has to be said)

    If you are with virgin i think you can get an extra box for about £5 per month,it may be worth giving them a ring to see what you can negotiate.

    here is a link to when the digital switchover is happening in each area ]click

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    I think ive decided upon a 42" Samsung Plasma. I have also read like you mentioned Muckypup that for the larger screens Plasma would be the better way to go. And thanks for the info i'll give them a ring and see what they can do for me

    Link to the Tele:…899

    Oh and btw if any1 knows any site with vouchers that also does this TV i would be very interested, Thanks

    ]click Is it this one you are thinking of?

    Nice set,gets decent reviews

    Doh,you edited as I posted lol

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    Hehe Yes its that one. I've seen a couple of bad reviews about possible poor sound quality but im sure it will be fine. Can't wait to be playing Gears of War and that bad boy


    Hehe Yes its that one. I've seen a couple of bad reviews about possible … Hehe Yes its that one. I've seen a couple of bad reviews about possible poor sound quality but im sure it will be fine. Can't wait to be playing Gears of War and that bad boy

    yes,the ONLY downside is the sound but that can easily be sorted with a nice surround set at some stage,may as well get the whole lot eventually anyways:)

    Most reviews I've seen are very favourable (looked at loads whilst researching for my parents),I think it is a good choice and you will be well pleased:thumbsup:

    yeh you have to get surround sound with them,

    why are the tv companys doing this (well LG) their putting crap speakers in the teles just so they can hide them away and there small

    dont think there is any vouchers im afraid

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    This tv in a similar post…379 looks pretty good for the money, but i've always been alot more confident of Samsung products.

    Tbh after consideration i think the size of my room (tiny) - this 42" might be a bit too big. I was thinking long term when i move into my own place. The whole side of my room is only 112" itself lol.

    At least i know the deals are out there and i know i can get my new tele despite of size with ease
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