HD TV 37" or over

    Hi, I've been eying up a HD tv as a replacement for me 28" CRT, mainly for space saving reasons, my budget is around the £650 mark, and I've been looking at the Panasonic range of plasma's, mainly due to the reviews on them, features such as contrast, black levels, quality of SD material, and just the general quality of picture from my friends 4 year old plasma

    My usage will mainly be Sky +SD, mainly football, and my xbox 360, so a good upscalling TV is a must

    This was posted up and seems a real bargain, but just umming and aaring as I've read and witnessed that LCD's are more prone to motion blur, which is something I need to consider as I watch alot of football

    So what are people's views, and any alternatives which anybody would recommend?

    Any advice is appreciated


    The Panasonic plasma's are excellent sets.The superb TH37PX80 is available here £733.91 with a 5 year warranty:…tml

    Or with the standard 1 year Panasonic warranty for £581.03 here:…ING

    Use code AW20 to get £20 off & 3% Quidco to get this price.

    Hope this helps.Fantastic set,would love one myself.:)
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