Hd Tv

    I am currently in the process of buying another tv.
    Im in a dilemma now as not sure to go for 1080p Blu Ray Tv or normal HD.

    ANy one know when 1080p is actually gonna arrive in the UK or know a site where i can get some info.
    There is no point me forking out for a 1080p if 1080p is not gonna be around for another year or so.



    Checkout, for loads of info.

    Will be a good while before 1080p is available, except for blu ray and hd dvd.


    apparently theres a Tosh LCD out for £1200 that offer 1080p

    Toshiba 42wlt66

    Original Poster

    The toshiba isnt 1080p
    does a tv need to be 1920 x 1920 for 1080i aswell for true 1080i
    i mean if i get a 13666 x 768, would 1080i be compressed
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