HD TV and HD DVD Player

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone can help me, currently looking for a good deal on a HD Television and a HD DVD Player (either as combi or individual purchases)

    TV to be flatscreen between 18-32 inch. Only problem is I'm on a fairly tight budget as "student" suggests. If I end up not stretching to a TV, is there any point me buying just a HD DVD Player and using it with a non HD TV?

    Would appreciate any help with this, thanks alot


    i would look at the hanspree range lcd's from ebuyer as for a HD-DVD player get a xbox360 and a HD-DVD drive that way you will have a games machine also, should be able to do it all in for around £550 thats with a 32" Hd lcd and xbox setup.

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    Thanks for the fast response fozzy, TV looks fairly decent - won't take the X-Box route though as I'm very much into my films but not really into the gaming side. If anyone else has suggestions I'd love to hear them - a slightly smaller screen (than 32") with higher picture quality wouldn't be the end of the world either - not sure how much space I have to house the thing.

    I'll check back tomorrow - don't think me rude for not replying in the meantime but I gotta get some sleep :giggle:
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