HD TV question

    Hi, I recently cancelled my Sky+ TV package. However, I'm now interested in the freeview HD option. I would also like to have the ability to record programs in much the same way as I was with Sky +. Can anyone recommend what my options are? Thanks.


    freesat hd... only option... its very similar to sky hd with regard to the recording facility and will connect straight onto the sky cables...

    or wait a couple of years for HD to be transmitted via aerial...

    You need someting like this…htm

    Gets great reviews from previous purchasers. Fair bit of dosh though. :thumbsup:

    .....But im guessing buy your username youve got 'loads a money'

    Humax Foxsat HDR:…asp

    Frequently appears on here depending who has what offers on.

    I think it's a great bit of kit.

    right now theres only 2 HD channels on freesat tho.
    compared with Sky's 30-dd (depending on your subscription)
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