HD TV/Monitior for PS3

    Hi i was thinking about getting this…tml for my soon to be del ps3, its 1080i and 720p and was wondering as the ps3 is on 1080p, will it look good on 720p mode and will the blue ray work?

    If this is no good can sum1 point me in the right direction to a similar priced one that will look good.


    Not a bad price but I'm sure someone can find something better

    You want to use it as a monitor too or just a TV?

    You'd be running it in 1080i I'd have thought not 720p, blu-ray etc. will be fine just not as pretty as it could be, you'll be looking at a lot more for something 1080p capable though.

    Also is it specifically 22" you want or bigger / smaller and what's your max budget?

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    Just want something for my ps3 under 300 with the best picture possible!


    No HDMI on that so it would be useless for PS3 as the ****** downscales stuff not going through HDCP compliant connections.

    If you can stretch to the extra the Samsungs are supposed to be very good for the money: ]http//ww…492

    Has HDMI, D-sub etc. and is a better TV: it has a digital tuner (the LG only has analogue) it has a bigger screen, higher brightness, better viewing angle etc. but the LG should be fine if you can't afford the extra.

    Sorry but I couldn't find anything better, maybe someone else can......
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