HD virgin......advice needed

    Both my mom and myself are contemplating buying new LCD TV's (probably the freesat HD LG 37" from Argos).

    Anyway, I have sky+ so may either take another feed of my dish if possible to feed the freesat or may upgrade to sky HD.

    My mom on the other hand has nothing other than a good old aeriel.

    I have heard stories of HD tv's not being very good for standard terrestrial broadcasts.

    Is this true, if she has a HD tv with an aeriel input (she will not have sky and not freeview HD unless the prices come down) is the picture going to be any good?


    I've noticed the normal sky sports channels the players have like a fuzzy border around them, I think some of the channels in SD is pretty poor tbh.

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    Not to bothered on my mom's as far as sport goes, unless Rita or Norris take up golf.

    Lol well that was the most noticeable example I could think of.

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    So is normally transmitted stuff i.e corrie blah.. blah.. blah.. look alright on a(n) HD tv?

    Does the TV have Freeview built in? The picture is ok on mine with freeview, but awful for analogue TV.

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    It has freesat HD inbuilt so I could possible get a dish for her.

    any tv is only as good as what you put through it.
    you could buy a fabulous pioneer kuro and if you feed a poor signal into it you'll see a bad picture.
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