HD7 pricey

Really want this phone when to carphonewarehouse today. really the most i want to pay is £30 but don't mind paying a little towards the phone if needed.

The best they could offer is

600 mins
600 texts
500mb internet

And i gotta pay £50 for £30 a month.
Any better deals out there. the only sites i know offer 300 mins for that price


Eugh, Windows Mobile 7. Is the HD7 the one where you've got to use torx screwdrivers to take your phone apart if you're to upgrade the built-in MicroSD card to one of semi-respectable capacity?

OH has this phone, can't help with a deal as we bought it on pay as you go but thought Id just reassure that it seems like a very good phone

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dcz that looks good but no internet.
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