HDD Enclosure Help Required

    Just had a 2TB drive fail

    Is is backed up but would like to try and get it working as it may just be enclosure...

    Can someone link me to a suitable enclosure on Amazon if possible that would work please as have never done this before

    I use Mac OSX if that makes a difference and its a 2TB drive

    Pic of drive in next post


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    Your local independent computer shop will probably stock them. They may be willing to check it for you for free. It might be worth doing that first?

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    I'd get a HDD dock instead.

    got a link please?

    Or just plug it into you PC if its not a laptop

    laptop only

    I'd get an enclosure if you have kids, the docking stations aren't a great idea when they're running about.

    Do you need usb - is the drive sata/estata?

    NB - The failure is down to all that nazi pron you've downloaded.:lol:


    A dock is more practical to just test it, buf it's it's longterm, then an … A dock is more practical to just test it, buf it's it's longterm, then an enclosure may be better.

    I'm not disputing the practicalities on using a dock in most circumstances - but if you have young kids (bit younger than yourself) then they're entirely impractical, which was my point.

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    no kids,never ever

    will get a dock as that looks less messing

    irony is that is the only drive I have with legit stuff on it!

    thanks and rep left
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