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    Hi hope someone can help. My mates laptop just gae up and he asked me to try and gethis data back. I removed the hdd and hocked it up to my desk top with a usb cable, i can ge into some of his data but some files say unable to access, think there was apassword on the files. I am run xp pro and his hard drive had xp home on it. Can any advice on how to retrive the photo and documnets of this complete and quickly, is there any software i can get or use.?


    The files might have security set on them. You may have to change the permissions after taking ownership of the files.

    Try:…421 (Taking ownership)

    and…419 (Changing permissions)

    The files you are after are probably protected under the users profile. Once you take ownership and change permissions you should be able to access them. You will need to be an administrator on the PC you are working with.

    Hope this helps.
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    ok thanks just need to get the files copied to an external hdd
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