HDMI audio solution for motherboard without Spdif

Found 10th Apr 2010
I was wondering if anyone could help

I just bought a new barebones bundle and because the motherboard boasted '6 Channel HD Audio' as a feature, I assumed it would have a Spdif connection

But when I went to install my graphics card I found that it didn't. This is a huge problem as I wanted to connect it to a TV via HDMI and without a Spdif socket on my motherboard, it won't happen

The technical department at the place I bought it have suggested I buy a sound card. My own Google searches suggest there may be graphics cards out there which do the whole HDMI audio thing internallly

I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem before and if they could suggest a solution. Would I be looking for a graphics card with 'integrated audio'? Is that the right term?
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what is the make and model of the mainboard,
some have this feature but also require a header bracket or it may even be a case of connecting some pins on the mainboard to the soundcard.
Thanks for the reply

The motherboard is a Biostar MCP6PBM2+ and the graphics card is a Gainward 8400GS 512MB DDR

I thought buying a new computer would put an and to all these annoying problems. I should have just bought a laptop with HDMI
All the latest ATI cards have HD audio built in and dont require a SPdif connection,

Thanks a lot dude
as tony suggested that might be the "easiest" solution though i would check your tv resolution as ati cards aren't always the best for variation in this region before making the jump.
according to the boards manual yes there is no "spdif" connector
but there is a gpio (pin4) on the front panel audio connector, if your gfx card has a spdif connector(a manual i found says not) and you have a spdif cable, try that with pin 2 for ground.
Thanks for the advice

My gfx card does have Spdif and it came with a little lead which connects into the gfx card and has 2 leads coming off it, one if which is named Ground. I'll ask my brother to have a look

Thanks again
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