hdmi cable and scart lead


Have just bought an upscaling DVD with a HDMI socket so am looking for the lead to connect to my lcd. I am also looking for a good quality scart lead at a reasonable price.

What's the best place to buy these from? Have heard that the really cheap HDMI leads are rubbish - is that the case.



The way I understand it is that as the signal is digital there is no difference in picture quality (over short distances) between a cheap cable and an expensive one.

I got a couple of cables from play.com for £7.99 each and they seem well made so I have no concerns about them coming apart. I would have no problem using cheaper ones though (I just couldn't find any when I needed them)

check on ebay...however the play.com price looks reasonable.

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Thanks guys.

When buying analogue cables such as your scart cable it's best to spend about £15 on a half decent one.

Just make sure it has gold plated ends, is fully insulated and is 90% oxygen free. Follow these 4 guidelines and you will not go far wrong.

As for HDMI, do not spend over £10 as the only difference in quality is if you happen to get unlucky and get one which is a loose fit when plugged into your appliance.
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