HDMI cable for PS3 - any ideas?

    I have a "belkin" HDMI cable bought from Tesco for about £7 that i use for my PS3.
    I was wanting a better one - as apparently it makes a bit of difference.

    Anyone have any suggestions on which one to get..



    it wont make a difference unless its over a very long distance, over 1, 2, 3 metres any sub £10 cable will do the job


    the belkin is already good

    as its a digital signal it wont anyway, save your money for another game

    Original Poster

    thanks peeps

    PS3 is sat in the cabinet under the TV


    thanks peeps PS3 is sat in the cabinet under the TV

    yeh your cable will be fine, the two cables I use for ps3 and xbox I think one was £2 off amazon other one was £7 from never had a problem and picture looks pin sharp when ever watching HD content

    The signal that goes down a HDMI cable is digital, made up of 0 (zeroes) and 1 (ones).

    The zeroes and ones either reach the other end or they dont.

    They cant "degrade" or be "improved" (unlike analogue).

    As long as they get there that is the main thing.
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