HDMI cable help needed please

    Hi all, i need 2 hdmi cables for a wall mounted panny plasma with 2 rear outputs. The space between panel and wall is very limited - so they need to be short/flexable at connection. The cables will be chased into the wall, and they need to be 2m or so long.

    I'm prepared to pay more for the cables if the quality will affect the output of the signal.
    I have a panny 42 600hz 1080p and plan to have panny blu ray with sky hd. I may occasionally swap one of the cables over for a sumvision mkv media player.

    all help will receive rep.


    you only need cheap cables, theres no need to buy expensive ones

    I'm not sure if it helps but you can actually buy 90 degree angled adapter connectors for HDMI. This will help with limited space problems.…tml
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