HDMI Cable Wanted and advice

Hi im after a decent hdmi cable, what sort should i go for and how much should i be looking at spending? thanks in advance


Poundland for a pound. :thumbsup:
Previous threads have shown that most hdmi cables are ok over short distance :thumbsup:


Don't waste too much on a cable, all the hype about expensive ones is carp! I got £2.99 ones linked up to my plasmas and got a perfect picture. Bought them in Lidl. :thumbsup:

1-2m long - Dosn't matter ...go cheap if you want

3-5m - Get a good one

5m + - Try not to have to use over this distance if you can

I tend to use a long one from my xbox 360 to my 32" plasma.... its 6m in length.... is there anything i should notices in terms of reduction of qaulity in the image???
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