HDMI Cables - Cheapest DECENT one thats 2m Long?

    Hey all,

    As title suggests, where is the best place to get a decent quality HDMI cable for a good price? About 1.5 to 2m in length. Its just to run from my PC to my 1080P monitor (so doesnt have to be 4k).

    Looked at poundland/bargain shop ones but they all seem flimsy and cheaply made (to be expected for the price).


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    About £1-99 on ebay for 3m

    The £1 ones are as good as the £20+ ones if your just running 1080

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    Forgot to add - Had a lot of hit and miss with ebay for cables in the past (particularly phone cables).
    Some good ones and some that were pound shop quality.

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    maplin recently had some cheap ones ... check there website ... under £3 from wat I remember

    Personally I go for the braided cables. I've went through a lot of the cheap ebay/amazon ones and while they look ok you normally find where the connector housing is eventually breaks comes loose or breaks.

    On the example picture below. Found these cheap ones that the gold connector part leaves the house or where the little seal across the middle of the housing is comes apart.

    Found these types to last longer and normally only £1 or few pence more expensive.
    3.49 free delivery decent reviews

    These guys offer a lifetime guarantee. British firm.…h=1

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    Cheers guys.
    cecilmcroberts - thats the problem ive got with the current cable, the plastic has come away from the gold and made the connection unstable, so if my PC gets knocked even slightly, the monitor disconnects and wont come back on unless i unplug the cable or restart the PC. Will be taking your advice for the stronger (braided) cable

    Treboeth - those 2nd cables look very good, thanks for pointing them out.

    Tawse57 - ive used JuicEbitz micro usb cables before and they are very good. Thanks for reminding me of them, might go down that route yet.


    I like blue rigger cables, check Amazon

    I would go for Amazon basics as they get good reviews and if you break them then you can send them back hassle free.
    £6.99 for 2x 2m and Highspeed so 4K capable.…sic
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