HDMI cables for TV

    Can anyone recommend a good brand of HDMI cables to get for a new HD ready TV. I have been told that the gold plated ones are better. New to all this so was just inquiring.



    generally there all pretty much the same as its a digital signal so i would get any one you can find thats a decent price…508

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    There all the same dont pay a lot for one the the gaget show did a item about them.
    This link below will help…tml

    Gold plated HDMI cables are just a gimmick. Audio analogue cables were always considered better with gold connectors but there would be no benefit for a digital HDMI lead.

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    As Cerberus has observed there is no difference from output to input (in … As Cerberus has observed there is no difference from output to input (in this case picture quality) between an expensive HDMI cable and a cheap HDMI cable, no matter what bells and whistles the expensive one claims to have. Cable vendors are exploiting the change in technology to sell people more expensive cable they don't need and make bigger profit margins. Let me explain.Inputs such as SCART and component, i.e. conventional cable types, use an analogue signal. Analogue signal is susceptible to interference while in transit between the output and input, and so insulated cable and gold plated connectors etc helps minimise signal degradation and significantly improve the final signal quality. In comparison HDMI inputs use a digital signal (which consists entirely of 1's and 0's) and is not affected by such interference. Therefore features that were desirable with analogue signal cabling are really just sales gimmicks for HDMI cable.Buy the cheapest HDMI cable you can, i say!


    dont buy the £100 ones from currys and comet, zaavi do a 2m one for a fiver, ive got that on my ps3 and works fine.

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    Thanks guys for all your help. Much appreciated. I have bought the cheapest HDMI cables to try out.
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