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Found 29th Jan
Hi, I have a tv with 3 hdmi sockets at the rear, One for the sky one for the ps4 and one for the Nintendo switch. When I'm watching sky there isn't a problem with the sound but as soon as I switch to one of the console hdmi channels there is no sound, I have to change back and forth from the sky hdmi channel to the console hdmi channel at least 3 or 4 times before the sound kicks in. I've tried googling it and some say the solution was to change to the console hdmi channel before actually turning the console on but this doesn't work either. I have a JVC tv just now and previously owned a Samsung but had the same problem. Thanks in advance.
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A had same problem with my DVD player and it was the actual hdmi cable not in correctly! A had to wiggle it about too get too work !
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Hi, I thought the same but I took the cable from the sky box and plugged it into my ps4 hdmi on the back of the telly and it was the same. Thanks for your comment, regards
I found years ago - after much googling that there is some kind of charge that can build up and that sometimes they need to be discharged by pressing metal against it or pressing fingers to metallic parts while holding a radiator -after plugging both sides of hdmi out- I also left tv turned off and plugged out for a time and had to pull out other cables- but maybe one of these will work- please make sure to pull out hdmi completely if u do it- don't want you to get a shock! Also ignore if replacing the hdmi worked! Good luck!
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Thanks, I'll try that, Regards
We get no sound if firestick is plugged in at switch on. I bought a hdmi switch and make sure firestick is not selected turn on... It's to do with the hand shake with devices and some how it's not correct. Have you updated tv software? Connect tv to Internet and select updates in the settings. If that don't work find out which device is causing sound to mute and fit a hdmi switch or similar to fix. Also faulty hdmi could be the problem. Just had a monster branded cable fail and give no sound. Pound shop hdmi works great
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Thanks, I'll try those options, thanks for your response/ Regards
I would test several things.

1) Unplug sky box and see if the issue persists .
2) Disable CEC on devices to see if there's a conflict between them.
3) Plug your PC into your TV and capture the EDID to see if the TV is handing out a dodgy EDID.
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