HDMI DVD Player

    Need a DVD player that upscales, don't really mind what make it is although would prefer if it was branded.. Whats the best deal just now on these?


    im after one of these myself, the Philips ones on Amazon have been given a good review, only thing that stopped me getting one is they look black and silver and i want a completely silver one. They cost £40 with free delivery. I did buy the Eltax one on ebuyer BUT it wouldnt upscale and it wasnt an offical Eltax so I sent it back, so im still looking. Let me know if you come across a silver one under £50, thanks

    I wouldnt recommend getting a hd dvd upscaler as the technology isnt that gr8 and doesnt improve it that much

    The upscaler in the ps3 is supposed to be the best

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    It worked quite well in my old samsung DVD player, was the HT-THQ25R... Was looking at that philips one on amazon, but was wanting one that had the 5.1 phono outputs on the back + it was 1-3 week delivery on amazon
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