HDMI lead for XBOX 360?

    Can anybody confirm that you can just use a normal hdmi-hdmi lead on the 360 to tv like you can with the ps3? I assume you can but it wouldnt surprise me if microsoft forced you to buy their own bit of kit for this purpose



    aye just a normal one matey

    As mentioned above it is just a standard hdmi cable and it will carry audio although if you want to put the audio to a separate system you'll need either the audio out block or modify your component cable.



    tbh I'd just use the component cable you cant see the difference and its easier to hook up to optical etc

    Thats what I do

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies, think i prob will get the hdmi lead as audio is transferred along the same cable and are also relatively inexpensive or would you say running the 360 via component or vga (as I am now) wouldnt look much different-will be running at 1080p, currently just got the ps3 through hdmi but have ordered the lead to get my pc on the tv via hdmi aswell, also finally going to take the plunge and get skyHD installed. New telly gets delivered on monday, cant wait :-D
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