HDMI Problem

    All of sudden my PS3 wont display on my TV.

    It can't be my PS3 because I've tried it on a different TV with a different HDMI cable.

    It can't be the HDMI cable because I've tested it with a different TV and PS3.

    The TV is showing that there's a signal, but just showing a black screen. I know how to reset the PS3 display settings, but it's not working.

    My TV has been acting weird when I connect my laptop to it, but it seems like a software issue, because the TV is sometimes showing the picture upside down, and sometimes allowing my laptop to display on it in high resolutions, and sometimes not. And now the TV picture was halfway up the screen so you couldn't see the top.

    Any ideas?


    hi there reset the ps3, hold down the pwr button when you hear one beep let go and hold your finger on the pwr button again untik you hear 2 beeps that will reset the system

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    I know about that but it's not working, I've tried the PS3 on another HD tv and it worked so that wouldn't really solve it. It only puts it back to a lower resolution.

    Out of curiosity, what TV is it?
    I'm having my 32" Toshiba repaired under warranty because of HDMI port problems.

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    It's a 32" Samsung. Only had it about 6 months, as a last resort I guess I'll go get my brothers PS3 and see if it works.

    Did all of your HDMI ports go at once? Seems strange because I tried all 3 on my tv and none will work.

    Yes, all went the same time.

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    Guess it's time to give Samsung a call. Not sure whether to ring them or John Lewis though. Glad I went for John Lewis with the 5 year guarantee, if it breaks after 6 months I'm sure that cover will come in handy in the future X)

    It seems it's only me then that sees this as a duff TV.

    You say it can't be the PS3 'cos blah blah blah.
    It can't be HDMI 'cos blah blah blah.

    You then go on to say "My TV has been acting weird ".

    Don't think we need Sherlock Holmes here then do we?
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