HDMI Settings for Blu Ray Player

    Could any provide any advice in terms of the Blu-Ray settings for an HD ready TV?

    The TV is a Sony but only allows an input of 480p, 720p or 1080i but given that its only HD Ready (720), would it be better to set the Blu-Ray up as a 720p or 1080i, as 1080p will not work with the TV.

    Would appreciate any advice so I can get the best picture quality given the limitations of the TV.



    probbly going to get different opinions for this, but i find 1080i best for single frames, i.e photo viewing and 720p for action scenes etc. So I would stay with 720p, just my 2 cents

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    Thanks I couldn't tell much difference between the two settings only that the picture quality is nowhere near as good as it is with my Full HD TV at 1080p.
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