HDMI Splitters

    Has anyone had any experience with these? We are getting Sky+ HD installed on Thursday and our TV only has 1 HDMI socket, which the Playstation 3 is plugged in on.
    Also where is the best deal to get one from.
    Thanks in advance.


    Yup. I got one of ebay for a few quid. Works a treat.

    Yes Ebay is the best place you can get a 4 port one like i have brought and it works great it is remote controlled as well to select what input you want to use i.e sky or ps3 etc.cost around £25 :thumbsup:

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    can get a two way one from Maplin, with remote for £29.99, is this around average for high street prices?

    it's only really a stop gap til we upgrade to a larger tv with more ports.

    Yes the one from maplin will be fine if it is only a short term thing other wise i would go for a 4 input version. and that is about the price they are.

    This is identical to the one I bought on ebay. It's £8.

    Note it does not come with a HD cable.

    Hmm, linky no worky.

    Type LP 2 PORT HDMI SWITCH/SPLITTER/BOX/ HDTV/HD/DVD/PS3 in ebay. But it now £2.99 and £4.99 p&p.

    The cheapest I found on the high street was Currys I think as they had a four port splitter for aroud 20 quid. I'm currently using a four port one (different model) with a PS3, Xbox 360, Toshiba EP30 and PC which all work fine.

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