hdmi tv problem

    Hi I have a wall mounted tv and it's connected by hdmi leads,lost signL last week called my IT guy too check the problem he says the leads have been over stretched and lost connection but I can't replace them without ripping out the plasterboards and putting fresh ones any solutions some body else as said you can buy wireless hdmi but they cost a lot help wife is going mental


    you may need to get your decorating guy in

    tie new cable to end of the old one and pull it through?

    I have put my cables in plastic trunking which you can run round the skirting/door frames etc , not expensive and has got to be better than ripping walls out. Many places to get it from. Example…BTg

    The cables should have ideally been put in trunking in the wall so new cables can easily be pulled through like st8mike says. That said, if the fault lies with one of the HDMI connectors at either end (i.e. the stretching has caused the internal connections to break), and you are good at soldering, then you may be able to fit new re-wireable HDMI plugs (and perhaps extend the cable at the same time by fitting extra cable). Just a thought, not tried it myself.

    You boarded your cables into the wall? Great thinking batman.

    As a temporary solution can't you connect cables that don't go through the wall?

    Is it definitely the hdmi cable? Buy a hdmi joint plug and extend cable to another TV. Assuming you have one. That way you can test your current hdmi cable on another device. Cheap enough and screwfix. Toolstation all sell them

    Have you tried a different cable on TV?

    Get a smart TV which can work without cables.

    Doubt it's cable stretching unless you've dragged the cable through or been swinging on it. HDMI cables are pretty solid construction compared to solid ethernet which is more fragile.

    Like others have said, make sure you haven't killed the HDMI socket on your TV. If that works ok then you should be able to swap out the HDMI with a flat cable. If there's enough space for one HDMI then there's enough for its replacement.

    Take pictures of your setup so we can get a better idea of how to fix it. If it was plastered in properly then it should be easy enough.

    Worth a mention but - Cable Access Rods. Cheap 'n' cheerful set but very handy for getting cables through tight spots/walls etc. Bit like drain rods - you just screw em' together till you have long enough and can attach various things on the end like magnets/hooks/lights. Push it through and keep jiggling till you can find an exit point. Attach your cable and pull it back through the wall.

    Here's an idea of what they are:…BVC

    Plenty on Ebay too.

    if using more than one hdmi cable rotate the cables ie imput 1 and 2 cable = 2 and 1 that way you,ll know if its the rear connector or the cable.

    make sure the cable is properly pushed in as well and you could even wd40 the ends just to make sure.

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    The cables we're run through the wood frame for the plasterboards by my builder around 3 years ago so can't pull them out or put any in without ripping stuff out
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