HDMI Xbox problem - resolution doesn't work - old one does

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Found 7th Nov 2007
Don't know if anyone can help with this - have an odd xbox 360 problem.

I've had a year old xbox premium connected to Panasonic LXD70 32" screen with a vga cable. Console was set to display 1024 by 768, widescreen, expanded. No display problems.

With the Argos deal thought I'd get a new hdmi one. Its connected to the same tv, with same cable at same resolution but on start up, I get a blank display screen. If I remove the game disk, switch off xbox, restart without a disk in the screen will eventually appear after about 35 secs (should be about 15s). So I'm thinking its having problems with the resolution.

I could buy a HDMI cable but what I want to know is - is my xbox faulty.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:



so your connecting it though VGA still, seems like a dodgy xbox imo

Have you let it install any updates gary?

what's it like on a standard cable (component / scart)?

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what's it like on a standard cable (component / scart)?

Haven't tried it but I'll give it a go. The new xbox did install an update when I first switched it on.

I've tried higher resolutions but still have the same problem....

Edit - Scart cable works fine.


let us know how you get on mate,i have the same tv and was thinking of getting an hdmi xbox!:thumbsup:


Sounds like its faulty - unless there is a setting within stopping it from displaying a game via VGA. Seems unlikley. When using scart, have a look through the setup options to see if it defaults to HDMI or scart.

I know when I use a DVD player with HDMI, it wont display with scart unless I change the output option. (So thats the logic on what Ive said!) But it sounds a bit dumb to have it set to HDMI in the hope that will be what you will be using!

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The xbox still doesn't get to the logo screen (with game disk in) even when set to vga. So I think its faulty and going to exchange it at Argos...

is it the same game in the tray each time?
Just wondering if VGA is affected by 50 / 60 hz games?



is it the same game in the tray each time?Just wondering if VGA is … is it the same game in the tray each time?Just wondering if VGA is affected by 50 / 60 hz games?

Fair point, though a bit naf in design if were the case.

I think the OP is right to get them to swap it. Its what consumer laws are for! :thumbsup:

absolutely - was just clutching at straws really!

There's no way I'd keep hold of a new 360 if I had doubt of any faults!

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Picked up a new console today and the new one does exactly the same. Looks like its a design or system fault.

Guess I'll just have to buy an HDMI cable....

Thanks for the advice guys - will rep you :thumbsup:
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