HDMI/DVI Cable - Whats the longest you can get without any effect to the picture

Found 17th Apr 2009
Looking to extend the distance of my base unit to TV, without any loss in picture, if that makes any sense?

Techie's, help me out please!
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i thought as they were digital (1s and 0s) as opposed to analogue signal, that there was no loss in quality
I have used a 10 metre.

I have used a 10 metre.

What's the picture like?

How much it set you back?
With HDMI cable you get no loss of signal so they either work or they dont,The ones i had were bought at auction and were un named so were very cheap but unfortunately i dont have any left
10mtr ones are fine, ive used both a single 10m cable and 2 5m ones joined together without problems.. you would need to have a very long (100m? guessing the same as utp cat 5 for signal loss) cable before you start needing a repeater or something..
There's no clearcut answer for this - while hdmi is digital, the signal will degrade and over longer lengths the quality of the cable will be more of an issue. How long a cable are you looking for? I'd have thought 15m would be fine, probably squeeze up to 30m (with one like this amazon.co.uk/gp/…-21) however any more than that and you'll probably be looking at extender/amplifiers or changing to cat5.

I've got one of ]these and happy with it especially at a cost of £11.73.
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