Hdr10 4k TV recommendations from curry's approx £800

Yes I know I'm asking a bit much ref 4k,but I'm thinking about future proof! Samsung series 7 was a dead cert for me but they only had the display model left, so that was a no no, but could anybody else recommend another TV of similar spec. I've looked at the 55 UH850V but I'm put slightly off by the 3 Hdmi slots


can't help on the £800 mark, but I bought an LG OLED55B6V last October and every time I watch it makes me glad I took the plunge with OLED. A thing of beauty, even the Mrs agrees.

This won't be what you want to hear, but it's the worse possible time to buy a TV at this time of year. The newer version of the KS7xxx range is £2k at the moment, as the old model was last year. It will be significantly less by the end of the year.

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What a great time eh! Lol, ok will I actually get the full benefit of 4k probably not, decisions decisions lol


What a great time eh! Lol, ok will I actually get the full benefit of 4k … What a great time eh! Lol, ok will I actually get the full benefit of 4k probably not, decisions decisions lol

Depends on your viewing distance, but it's mainly of benefit to the really big TVs. Unless you're sat unusually close I wouldn't be bothered about it for 55". Although the only thing at £800 quality that isn't is LG's EG910 OLED so it's a moot point these days.

HDR is going to be a much bigger impact but at £800 the only half-decent choice for that was the Samsung KS-series which are now mostly out of stock. The Sony XD93, Panasonic DX902, Philips PUS7601 and LG B6/C6 are all £1k+. The UH850's local dimming is laughable, it's not comparable for HDR.

If you're in no hurry for a new TV then now really isn't the time to buy an £800 TV for 'future proofing'. At the very least wait six months for the 2017 models to drop in price and get something like an XE90, and I'd expect to see big improvements at £800 over the next two or three years.

it's a long shot based on where you are but I just got a ue49ks6400 from John Lewis clearance in leicester for £400 2 days ago. I love it for the price and quality. If I had a bigger budget they had a ue55ks7500 quatum dot for 750 with the smart remote missing. if you were close it would be an amazing buy. always worth looking if you have one close by and all clearance models are still covered by JL 5 years warranty..
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Thanks for all your feedback, cut a short story short lol. Just converted my kids play room to a games room/man's den and was gonna put my Samsung 40"6740 in there, then a new tv in the front room. But I'm better off getting a cheap TV "40" max, or alternatively but taking a risk in buying a second hand TV on Facebook/Gumtree?

If the 3 HDMI slots thing puts you off then I'm afraid I have bad news. You won't find many more on most sets for your budget. I own the 49" version of the LG you looked at and paid less than 700 for it. Other than the average black levels I feel like it was money well spent.

the ambilight models at Argos, by Philips, get good reviews... 4 HDMI holes and well within budget
I'd get the LG you mention personally, it's not the most difficult of tasks to take one HDMI lead out and put a different one in... get an AV receiver then you will only need one HDMI hole
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have Samsung stopped making the ks7000? to make people buy the 2017 models.
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