HDTV 19-26 inch

    Looking for a HDTV 19 to 26 inches

    Doesnt matter as long as its inbetween these sizes. Looking for the cheapest possible, dont care what make.




    Have a look at this....…ews

    Just gone out of stock, but they will be back in soon.

    I like the 3 year warranty, and the reviews look good.

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    How do monitor/tv work?

    I've found a monitor/tv for £159 for 19 inch.

    A hdtv is basically a large lcd monitor with an hdcp chipset to take hdcpdvi or hdmi and meets the hd ready criteria (vertical pixels: 720 minimum or 1080 minimum) and a tv tuner of sorts (analogue and/or digital) digital usually tagged iDTV (integrated digital tv)

    So any pc monitor with hdcp is basically a tunerless hdtv

    My advice is, if you can wait, are patient and can save money, is to sit and see if a £199 24" 1920x1080 monitor appears around xmas time, considering all the £249 monitors around, it's feasible tbh.

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    Yeah, im not in any hurry to get one.

    So basically - if i buy a hdtv/monitor

    It will show programmes with an aerial? or do i need something like a freeview box?

    I suspect for anything to be called a TV it has to have a tuner.

    So all these normal monitors with HDCP cannot be TV's on their own and do not have an aerial socket

    £15 DVB usb tuner device on the pc would allow you to watch tv, but using your pc's cpu power and would allow you to watch tv in a window while doing other stuff or full screen etc.

    im about to buy a 26" Bush from TJ hughes tomnorrow hd ready with Freeview the best deal its £289

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    how much / link?

    its not on their website but its in their store (shrewsbury)

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    Im gonna get rid of my n95 i think and then get a tv, because a d500 would do me fine.

    You on this ***** planet???

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    Yes, i am. But being almost mugged once, having a group of youths come up to me again to 'have a look at my phone'.

    I think im living on the edge.

    Try growing up on a council estate....and then living on another one.

    Lol...lifes **** but atleast your intouch with reality....

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    A) Grew up on a council estate
    B) Still live on one

    What are you trying to say?
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