Hdtv 32"

    Hi im looking for a 32" hdtv and should be wall mountable, any help would be appreciated, its for a mate, just wants to watch tv,sky and possibly ps2, she is not a geek but possibly later will connect to a xbox 360 any recommendations

    no budget but about £300-500



    lcd or plasma?


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    to be honest no specifics just want to be able to do the above?
    possibly link it up 2 a hd dvd player (360) and also have a nice surrond system

    We got a 37" plasma from Curry's yesterday that is ace - is currently half price so down to £598 and it is great. It's a Panasonic one and comes with a stand for free

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    what model and specs?

    best deal spec wise at the mo is the dabs value ordering one next week
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