Hdtv-50inch 1080p

    TV has just gone bust need a new hdtv not sure plasma or lcd any ideas?

    need a 1080p want it atleast 50'' with 3hdmis!


    Plasma for £2500, a LCD for around £1500, or a SXRD RPTV for £1000. LCDs have poor contrast, SXRD is 45cm thick rather than 15cm (not very noticeable in a 1.4metre wide screen though). The SXRD is also 55" rather than 50", which is about 21% more screen area - for 1080p you really need it.

    1080p plasmas have no downside other than the cost - they have much better brightness than the SXRD or LCD also (although it's not a massive benefit except in really sunlit rooms).

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    do you recommend any sxrd? is the sony a good buy?

    Sorry, SXRD is a Sony-only brand. It's a type of RPTV, specifically LCoS.

    They're at amazing prices at the moment because Sony are stopping making them. Basically the only demand is for flatscreen plasmas and LCDs - if you can look beyond that, you get a better picture than LCD and better resolution than plasma, on a giant screen as well.

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    any links???
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