Looking for a new TV looking at 26" and 32" at mo depending on price just wondering if anyone knows any good deals for the following TV "Panasonic Tx26lxd60" anything else taken onboard too :thumbsup:


    That particular model you have shown us is about £630 @ ][COLOR=blue]Savastore[/COLOR] (plus delivery). That's not a bad price. It's a very nice TV, I think panasonic are a very good brand.

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    woooooah ure quick! Thanq seems a very good price!

    They are a reliable merchant as well. Sometimes a slightly cheaper price can come up, but if it's a site I've never even heard of, I wouldn't bother. Don't buy it right away though - someone else may find it cheaper!

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    Im still umming and arrring about it, but on that site it seems to have some really good prices. 32" tvs going for not much more that one above

    If you want a 32" check out the thead on the Samsung in Hot Deals forum. I'm not sure if the bargain is still going but it was from Freemans.

    Here's the thread:…661

    You'll have to read the last posts though as it seems Freemans are not necessarily honouring the 20% or 25% discount code on this tv anymore.
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