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    Hi, I was thinking about getting a 1080p TV to make it a bit more future proof, probably just a small 32" for my bedroom. I now have a 32" 720p that runs at 1360x768, its the optimal resolution for the TV and gives a better picture than choosing 720p or 1080i. Then I read that most or all Xbox games don't run at true 1080p and even the ones on PS3 run slower at the higher resolution (maybe I'll get a PS3 one day if they come down too). Maybe I'll just stick with this TV until the next generation support 1080p properly?

    Then I thought about maybe getting a 22" - 23" monitor that does 1920x1080p with a HDMI connection, cheaper but smaller and you lose the TV functionality, but I don't have a TV connection in my bedroom anyway. Is 1080p worth it yet? I may eventually get some bluerays but don't have a player atm.


    1080p is only worth it for HD Films. The amount of games that use it is nominal.

    I run it on mine but most of my 360 games only output at a max of 720p

    In my own experience I can tell you the following.

    1080p is worth it if you have a big TV (i.e. 40+ inches, maybe 37)

    Anything smaller than that unless that you are very fussy about it you might not notice the difference.

    Just to give you an example, I have a 40' 1080p TV, playing an XBOX 360 game at 1080p looks brilliant. I also have a 27' TV which only does 720p and it also looks brilliant and maybe looks as good as the 40' at 1080p because the TV is smaller.
    But when you look something at 720p in a 40' then you start to see the difference and if you see standard TV in a 40' well it gets even worse.

    I had Beijing 2008 in the PS3 and it looked awful at 720p in my 40' TV but the XBOX 360 version was brilliant at 1080p in the same TV. Whether games are true 1080p or not I am not sure (but if this is the case then it must be the upscaling of the XBOX 360 which to me looks a lot better than the PS3 one), but I can tell you that the difference was huge to me. I end up taking the PS3 version back and keeping the XBOX 360 version.

    When I buy a game I normally get the XBOX 360 version of any game as most of then are 1080p (or at least that is what the box says) unless the PS3 version is 1080p

    Again if you don't have a big TV then you probably won't notice the difference.

    I take it that your XBox has an HDMI output. Without it you can't improve on 720p.

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    Yes I do have HDMI on the Xbox. Its just I saw that LG 5700 on here the other day for £380 with some discounts (quidco) making it around £360, its 32" at 1080p. But then if I got a small 22-24" 1080p monitor I could use it for Xbox and maybe a 2nd computer if I could fit it in my bedroom!
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