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Hi, I got my HDTV Phillips 26" for xmas. I sold my Xbox 360, so unable to use the HD.

Does anyone know if any programs are broadcast in HDTV, and do I have to have / change anything special to view them?

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Sky will start broadcasting HDTV in 2006. You may need a new Sky box or whatever and at the moment they're only asking you to "register your interest". It's probably on their website somewhere, and Comet have leaflets instore.

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Some of us only have freeview though, so I guess theres no chance of HDTV then?

Maybe not for a while... it is something to be "ready" for and normal telly will be much better quality than usual already I should imagine.

And some can't even get freeview... Not that I am interested in it

I'm not too well up on HD but there are HD capable dvd players about now that will upscale normal dvd discs to enable them to be viewed in HD via a suitable lead to the TV. Also Microsoft have some HD stuff available. There are also available on the net HDTV "video clips" that may fill your need for HD content The AV forums amongst others, may be a good place to learn more about HDTV in the UK.

A new kind of disc called "Blue Ray" will be publically available over the next year or so I would say. Where DVDs offer about 4.5Gb of storage, Blue Ray will offer a huge 35Gb, that's more than a lot of hard drives.

But will it mean you get more films on a DVD? Probably not. The quality will get much better though. Quality takes up room; the more room the better the quality. So with 35Gb it had better be good!! I expect they won't be available for a good while though and a specail player will be needed for them. I presume that if you are going to burn a Blue Ray disc then it'd need a new burner too. They are read and written with special BLUE lasers (hence the name). These blue lasers are new technology, I'm not sure what the significance is but there is one...

Unfortunatly for us consumers there is a competitor to blue ray as well and as both parties cant get together to have just one system we will no doubt have the betamax/vhs war again for a while till they sort themselves out. There will also be a new copy protection system to stop you making "backup" discs, so turmoil will be the order of the day for a year or more.

Blue Ray looks to be the best of the two though.

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Blue-ray has already won the battle - ie PS3

sky will be releasing a new box for their HD transmissions i'm sure of that

as for upscaling a normal broadcast to HD i'm sure that's impossible, it's like trying to take a small image and make it bigger, you can guess at what the pixels should be based on nearby pixels, but it just doesn't look good, let alone anywhere near HD

Well, it doesn't look like there's going to be tons of real gaming news at CES, but the heated battle between Sony-backed Blu-ray and Microsoft-backed HD-DVD--which to some is a battle related to next-gen consoles or desktop PCs--is in full swing. Today, Sony and various film studios announced a slew of Blu-ray movies to be released in upcoming months, while the HD-DVD group announced a pricing range for its first HD-DVD players.

Sony announced that BD-compatible players will start hitting shelves this Spring, though there was surprisingly little mention of PlayStation 3 as being part of that first push. Previously, Sony had been positioning PS3 as the main initial spearhead of the Blu-ray effort, aiming to get Blu-ray into the homes of people who already planned to buy a PS3. With Sony's announcement this week that the company will not be showing PS3 at CES or making significant announcements about the machine, as well as recent scattered rumors that PS3 might be taking longer for Sony to hammer down than the company planned for, it may be looking like the oft-repeated Spring 2006 launch date isn't such a sure thing anymore.

In terms of Blu-ray itself, Sony Pictures of course had the biggest lineup of movies, with 20 movies for the Spring lineup including titles such as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Robocop, Sense and Sensibility, XXX, Desperado, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Kung Fu Hustle. Interesting, Sony also plans to add Java-based games to certain discs by summer. Lionsgate and Fox also announced exclusivity to the Blu-ray format. Paramount and Warner Bros. plan to support both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Universal supports HD-DVD exclusively.

Toshiba, the primary player in the HD-DVD standard, announced that its first HD-DVD players, which are backwards compatible with DVD, will go on sale in March at two price levels: $499 and $799. Sony has not yet announced definite prices for its standalone players, but they are likely to be in the $1,000 range. Sony noted that prices for actual BD-ROM movies will be higher than standard DVDs, but not significantly so.

apparently the DVD porn industry is so large it will depend which way that swings (unintended pun) as too wether blu-ray will win out of the two.
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