HDTV less than 500... is this any good...

    Found this,…tml

    Seems a good price, or do you have other recommendations?


    the TV isnt Under £500 as you have to play a £16 Delivery Charge.


    the TV isnt Under £500 as you have to play a £16 Delivery Charge.

    Yes it is, £471.08+£16.90=£487.98

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    I've actually found it a little bit cheaper still at 247electrical... but is it a good tele?

    Loads of stuff on AV forums about that LCD


    Have a look through and see what you think

    The R88 is a good tv - but don't buy from Pixmania - French based company which is fine as long as they don't send a French one and you don't have any problems.
    You can get it with Pixmania for about £478 including delivery with code awin070907. Or you can get it from Dixons for about £474 with DISC01 code (and you get 4% Quidco cashback).

    As already mentioned 24-7 electrical is cheaper £458.80 but you get 3% Quidco cashback as well....

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    I went with Dixons and managed to use a 10 pound discount voucher in addition to the DISC01. 24-7 didn't seem to want to accept my card.
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