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    Just wondering whether I am missing something - the price of HD LCD TVs seems to have come flying down - and am not sure whether or not they will go back up at the end of the sales.... do you think now is the time to buy or wait a couple of weeks to see where they plateau post sale?

    I am just after a 32" HD Ready tv, there seems some good deals, but they seem to be the same deals everywhere suggesting a reduction in the manufacturers price?


    New technology always comes down in price.

    Plus nobody has the cash to pay silly money for these tv's like they used to, i paid £1000 for my 40" Sony last year, and the newest version of it is half that price now.. :viking:

    The Sony 32" at £349 or whatever is pretty good value tbh and isnt likely to get cheaper for a while..

    i think £350 for a sony is more than a good price

    dont think they will go to much below than what they are now. give or take the odd £50 or £100 quid reductions on sale

    If i were you i would wait to the 1080p ones comes down i price :-)

    The only fly in the ointment is that with the £ plunging in value at the moment imports (regrettably most things these days) will shoot up in price by 20-30% in the near future (some furniture stores that have stuff made in the EU are already jacking up prices of new stock). Balance that with the new technology dropping in price and worldwide recession, I predict prices will rise slightly.:whistling:

    But then i thought Marconi shares were a good price at a penny - just before they went bust!
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