HDTV Set Up Help Please?

    I've just got my new sony hdtv set up but when I play a dvd I've got the picture from the TV 'ghosting' in the background, I've got my cable box running through 1 scart and the dvd through the 2nd, any ideas?


    Have a look on AV Forums, should be able to find a solution for your query there!

    Is the TV channel you see coming from the cable box. i.e. if you are watching a DVD and change channel on the cable box does the ghost picture change.
    Do you have the scart cables running parallel or coiled together? - Try separating them.
    If separating them reduces the ghosting then you might need Scart cables with better screening.

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    I unplugged the scart from the back of the cable box and still ghosting, must be picking up the signal from the tv?

    Plasma tv's do leave an image sometimes if you watch something and then turn off the dvd/stb, it's normal and has nothing to do with scart leads. Try knocking the contrast down a bit.

    Saying that, when the picture changes, the ghosting shouldn't still be there.

    If you are getting ghosting when watching a scart source, and the gosting is from a TV signal (onboard Tuner), Before choosing EXT 1 on the remote, press the button for a channel that is not tuned in - e.g. 99 - you'll see either 'sparklies' or a blank screen (depending on your TV), if you then choose EXT 1, the ghosting should have gone!

    Good Luck

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    Cheers Jayhab, seems to have solved it, turned my cable off and selected an untuned analogue channel, ghosting gone:thumbsup:

    No problem - I don't know why it happens, but it's quite a common fault on many TVs. Glad to know it's sorted though!
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