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    could anyone help me please ive downloaded lost season 3 episode 1 im trying to put it 2 disc but it keeps aborting is this because its in hdtv and if so is there anyway i can get it to disc


    Chances are it's in xvid and a normal video dvd is mpeg2, u may need to convert it or make a data dvd iso and burn it as a file.

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    How Would I Do That As You Can Gather I Dont Know Alot About Pc But My Lad Is 7 Now So Hell Be Able To Show Me Ha Ha Ha

    Looks like you downloaded a divx file, so burning it as a data CD would mean it would be unreadable by your standard dvd players unless you own a divx player. Can i ask why and what you intend to use the burned CD for?

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    ive downloaded the new lost 3 episode 1 and we wanted to watch it on out tv and then give it to freinds to watch is there anyway we can over come this prob ?

    Conversion to mpeg2 (video dvd) using something like nero possibly but means poorer quality imo.

    I've had a TV out connection from PC to TV since the last century using some simple cabling and a digital connection to my hdtv since the start of this year which is far more convienent, plenty of help around on the internet, as for your friends stick it on a flash disc and let them watch it on their laptop?

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    i thought of that but ive got my pc in the bedroom and thats 1 long cable to get it down stairs lol thanks for trying to help anyway

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    p.s ive tryed it on nero with no luck

    how big is the file?

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    its 349 meg

    You might need to resize video so that it'll conform to PAL or NTSC standard. What's your video resolution is and what codec is used? Tip: use GSpot software to find out.

    You've downloaded an avi file (the standard for capped tv and film rips) and your dvd player will generally only play mpeg files.
    You can buy divx dvd players for 30 quid or so these days from numerous retailers and I highly recommend one if you are going to continue to download like this. They play avi files no problem.

    Either use Nero to specifically convert it to mpeg while burning (try burning it as a vcd) or download an 'avi to mpeg' converter, there are plenty of free ones around, convert it then burn as normal.

    The end result won't be as good quality but should easily be watchable. It will also be much larger than 350meg (which is why commercial dvds only have 4 episodes per dvd and burned avi ones can fit 12-13 of similar quality) and if it goes over 700meg you'll obviously need to burn it to a dvd not a cd.

    Wazza paypal me 3 quid and I will post you a copy complete with menus....


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    a copy of what lost or software

    What ever one you want, can do lost, or I can give you the software

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    wot software have you get because ive tryed a couple now and still cant get lost on to dvd

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    r u on line

    I am now! Just back from work

    Under no circumstances pay someone £3 to copy a single episode of a tv programme onto a cd/dvd *laugh*

    You can get whole seasons for that.

    Lol, im not gonna take 3 quid for one ep. Im gonna transfer him some software and show how to write the video files!

    I aint that poor :P

    download Winavi and convert the AVI to DVD
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