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    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post on here, so I hope you can help me out.

    I'm after a HDTV for my living room but I don't want to pay loads (as I don't have loads!), can anyone point me in the right direction?



    There was a post in the deals forum about a 50 inch HDTV for £999. My friend, Chris, just got one of these babies and is extremley please with it.

    You've asked a question which is a bit of a minefield though, you'll need to ask more about what size you are looking for and how future proof would you like it.


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    Cheers Delirium,

    I want it to have built in Freeview, but doesn't have to be as big as 50 inches (my living rooom is barely that big!).

    I've got a few hundred pounds to spend but don't want something that's past it's sell by date even before I've taken it out of the box.

    You're looking around the £600-£1300 price range for 32inch to 50 inch. If thats outside your price range already then LCD/Plasma etc is not for you. What you might want to do is wait for the new samsung CRT HDTV which is due out this month in the UK - I beleive its called the slim fit and its a 30 odd inch telly for about £300 . I was going to wait for the CRT myself but after I saw my friends 32 inch HDTV i decided to get myself a 47 inch (Much to the screams of my wallet).


    Do you need full HDTV resolution (1080i/p) or you can live with so-called HDTV-ready things (which neither HDTV nor ready :))? What about HDMI connection? HDCP protocol? are you planning to buy HD-DVD or Blue Ray in future?
    Plasma, LCD, DLP or CRT (yes, there are HDTV CRTs).

    Or at least - what is yout budget, we can probably figure out most of answers to the above then

    There's the minefield of questions from Kommunist


    Grab the 32" Samsung LCD from littlewoods. It's around £900, but you can use the 30% off code to get it to around £600 !!

    Ps - get the 50 incher - it's fantastic

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    I've probably got £400 - £500 to spend. But by the sounds of it all I should save up more and get a 50 screen!!

    I'm just confused because I've also heard that LCD TVs are unreliable so I don't know what to believe!?!

    LCD's aren't unreliable and their picture quality is superb too.

    Its up to you but I'd suggest you get yourself down to comet or somewhere similar and look around at exactly what you fancy - there are some big differences in quality there and armed with that info we can give you a little more clearer advice.


    whats the 30% off code? cheers

    It should be in the voucher page - if not, new customers get 25% off anyway

    not on voucher page, cheers anyway
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