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    Howdy, I'm after some hair clippers...i just want a decent reliable set that can be charged up, and are straightforward to use...any suggestions?


    My brother bought a set from Boots that were reduced, they were rechargable and seemed good i will try and find out which make and model they are if i cant find it on boots site…y=1

    I think they were like the Babyliss i-clip Automatic 7930U, they only have 1 attachment and then you digitally set the length to what you require

    Been using clippers for years only tip I will give is get "cordless" and "ceramic" blades

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    thanks both...i don't know why but i hadn't even thought of cordless...silly me.

    I've used wahl for years (same set) and they have been great, very durable

    i had a remington pair that were dyiing - but managed to pick up another set from boots on sunday (also used my advanatage points for it!)

    They are cordless and ceramix blades and comes with a load of attachements, comb and a little detailing cutter as well - £20.

    I used exactly the same model for 3 years previously and was more then happy with it. Its something ilike HC363C

    the only other comment i would add is that after time the plastic attachments become loose and if they fall off and you continue cutting for a second before you realise then you may have a bit of a bald patch. I know and so does my brother in law:oops::oops:

    Does anyone know of a quiet pair for my son?

    I had wahl for ages and very good i picked them up from a £5 store.....i dropped them in a bucket of water and went out and bought some 360d turning head and they were utter useless never even cut the hair properly!
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