headaches at work, lighting?

    i started a new job a couple of months ago and started getting headaches but being as i never really got them before i found it a bit odd. Talking to a few of the other people they said they got them too and if you look at writing in the distance it vibrates. Now could this be down to the lighting being on different phases ?? also the lights have no diffusers, should we complain ??


    prolly need to ask for professional advice.

    If you find that you have more headaches and Migraines while at work, it may be the office lighting. Traditional office lighting generally presents three potential headache and Migraine triggers:

    • Glare on computer screens from any overhead lighting
    • Glare from overhead incandescent lighting
    • Flicker from fluorescent lighting

    ... Unfortunately, the problem with fluorescent lighting is different and more difficult to address. Although generally imperceptible to the human eye, fluorescent lighting has a flicker. It's the flicker itself that's actually a Migraine trigger. Thus, it doesn't matter what kind of fixture houses the tubes. People who are sensitive to that flicker will have a problem with it. The best solution is to remove it from your immediate work area. Sit down and discuss the problem with your supervisor or other appropriate person. If whomever is in charge of maintenance has a problem with leaving a fixture empty, suggest that they simply replace the tubes in your work area with burned out tubes.

    Energy saving light bulbs can trigger migraines, health experts and charities warned last night

    ... The warning follows concerns that eco-bulbs can trigger dizziness, loss of focus and discomfort among people with epilepsy.

    There have also been complaints from people with lupus - an auto-immune disease causing many symptoms including pain.

    Managing Lighting at Work
    Glares from computer screens and incandescent lighting, as well as the flicker from fluorescent lighting can be a nightmare for migraine sufferers. Office lighting can also be particularly difficult to address because a person's flexibility may not allow for adjustments. Try adjusting your computer monitor or attaching a glare screen; this should help to reduce the glare and prevent a migraine attack. You may be able to turn off certain lights or adjust their placement, or your own seating.
    The flicker quality of fluorescent lighting makes it challenging to tackle, so it is preferable if you're able to substitute other forms of lighting. It's important to obtain enough light to effectively maintain your work quality and prevent eyestrain without compromising your need to reduce the lighting conditions that trigger headaches.

    For your health and safety, however, it is wise to discuss any major lighting changes with your boss and co-workers. This will ensure that everyone can work comfortably under adequate lighting conditions.

    Depends on the size of the company you work for.

    At our place, we'd request a health and safety assessment - The company has to act on the findings.
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